Top 3 Wine Party Ideas

wine party ideas

When planning a party for wine lovers, you need to consider several wine party theme ideas so that you can have an exciting time. Each state offers you the chance to make a party that celebrates wine, the food and the history of that particular state. Having such a theme is rather easy especially when it came to wine party ideas, all you need to do is research about that particular state online and get updated food and decoration ideas. It will certainly make your party special and unique.

Popular Options

There are some wine party ideas that you should consider. If you want to have an extravagant wine party, then you should probably look up Napa wine country or Sonoma wine country to see what kind of wine can be found there. You can also get updated information about their history and wine production in the state.

Another wine party idea is having a wine tasting at local vineyards and wineries. This allows wine tasting parties to be more personalized and would allow guests to experience wine to its fullest. You can either do this yourself or let your guests bring their wine tasting kit with them. In addition to wine tasting parties at local vineyards and wineries, you can also organize wine tasting tours of different vineyards.

For an exciting wine night, you should consider getting wine gift baskets that are filled with wine, cheese, and other wine accessories. These wine gift baskets are great for wine parties. Guests will surely love to get such unique wine party ideas since it is not their usual party gifts. If you want to have a more intimate wine party, you can invite a few close friends over for a private dinner. During this type of dinner, you can play the music that goes along with the wine, as well as some other fun ambience to set the perfect wine night atmosphere.

wine party ideas

Indoors VS Outside

For wine party ideas that are outside, you might want to consider decorating your home with wine-themed decorations. If you have a wine-themed home, you can easily turn it into a wine bar that will be a lot of fun. One great idea is putting up wine barrels on shelves in various places in the home. You can also decorate glassware with wine names and the names of wine brands so that your guests will know what wine to order when they come over. Some wine decorating accessories include wine totes and wine holders.

For wine party ideas that are indoors, you can ask your friends to bring a wine tasting table set with them. The wine tasting table can be decorated with the labels of wine brands that the guests enjoy most. When they bring their wine tasting table, all of their friends can have their wine sampler samplers there, too. This way, no one will go home empty-handed, and everyone will have a chance to try new wines that they may not have tasted before.

Extra Tips

One of the most popular wine party ideas is called a bacon and cheese fob. You can decorate your fob with a theme in mind. You can get a wine bottle opener and a cheese plate that go along with it. Some couples may even order a platter with wine and ham and cheese pasta. A wine starter kit or wine barrel also make great gifts for any couple on Father’s Day.

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